New book on its way

Just like to give all my readers the heads up. My new novella,                                                     The Attic Space That Is My Head is on its way.

Mia is a fourteen year old girl living a privileged life in Ireland in 1996. But despite all her advantages, Mia is at a loss when a enigmatic young man, James, arrives as a house guest during the hottest summer on record, challenging everything Mia believes about life, love, control and human nature. As she struggles to comprehend the nature of her feelings for James, Mia discovers a chink in her own armour that could shed light on the demons she has so far been afraid to bring out of the dark.

Slow the pace down and take yourself back to a time before  Google had the answer to everything, and languish in the surroundings of a beautiful country house  in County Meath.


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